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The Old Gum TreeProclamation Gum

I thought I would point out a significant tree that probably not many are aware exists in Adelaide, the Proclamation Gum.

In this article from Wikipedia you can see some of the historical significance of this old tree. It’s long been dead, but none the less is a very historical part of Adelaide and South Australia.


The Old Gum Tree is a historic site in Glenelg North,


On 28 December 1836, the British governor John Hindmarsh
delivered the proclamation creating the colony of South Australia.

A ceremony is held on each year on Proclamation Day, with the current Governor reading out Hindmarsh’s original speech.[1]

The tree itself, probably a red gum, has long since died. Its decayed outer surface was encased in concrete in 1963. Read more here.


It’s worthwhile a visit and is very easy to find and get to this tree, which is actually not very far at all from Adelaide Airport.

It’s a nice picnic spot which I am sure all the family would enjoy.

Harbortown and Glenelg are within a stones throw from the Proclamation Gum.


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